Bamboo toothbrush 4-pack - Adult

Brush Naked



  • 4-pack of soft bristle toothbrushes in 4 colours: white, green, pink, and naked
  • 100% bamboo handle
  • BPA-free DuPont nylon bristles, that have been upgraded from their previous formula, now using 35% castor bean oil (castor bean oil replaces some of the petroleum used in making nylon, and uses a more environmentally friendly process)
  • Wrapped in 100% biodegradable/compostable cellos made from wood and cotton pulp
  • 100% biodegradable/compostable packaging
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns for it and it is a final sale.

Why we love this

Switching from plastic toothbrushes to Brush Naked bamboo ones is easy peasy. The bristles feel the same as conventional toothbrushes and their lifespan is the same too!

Bamboo is an extremely sustainable material that can be easily composted. The toothbrushes come wrapped in a 100% biodegradable/compostable cello made from wood and cotton pulp – NOT plastic. So please throw the wrapper away in your green bin. The box is all cardboard with no glue or tape, and can be recycled in your blue box. Last but not least, Brush Naked is a Canadian company based in British Columbia.

Care Instructions

Rinse and air dry toothbrush after every use. Replace toothbrush every 3 months

End of life: Bristles can be removed with a plier, and recycled if your municipality accepts nylon recycling. Handle can be composted.


Toothbrush handle: 100% moso bamboo. Bristles: 100% BPA-free DuPont nylon. 

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