Our Story

We felt more overwhelmed than ever when shopping online for products to complement our family’s lifestyle. The largest players in the wellness and natural product e-commerce sector carry too many choices, and at times products in their line-ups are green-washed rather than green. We found ourselves always having to do additional research to ensure the brands we were buying were actually the best choice for our family. 

We simply wanted products that didn’t contain strange chemicals, that were waste-reducing, and supported businesses that did good. And we wanted as much information as we could get from each of these products in one place, so that we didn't need to have 20 tabs on our browser open. That’s how Ample + Good was born.

Michelle + Jon

Ethical Values

Our ethical values are important to us, because they reflect the many things we believe in and are passionate about. We support brands whose businesses and products work toward these values, and you will find products in our store that will align with at least one (but usually more!) of the following:

Ample + Good ethical values