2-Layer Tiffin Box


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Used in India for over a hundred years, the tiffin box is a tiered lunch box consisting of individual containers stacked together and secured with an outer clip. A handle on the top makes them easily portable.

Our two-layered, double-walled stainless steel tiffin box is going to be the envy of your lunch room. Separate your starch from your saucy proteins or veggies. Or bring a main and also dessert!  

  • Plastic-free
  • Double-walled to keep food hot or cold
  • 202 food grade stainless steel
  • 14cm / 5.5" in diameter
Why We Love This

Ever since watching The Lunchbox, we've adored Tiffin boxes and admired their ingenuity in design. We're so excited to have these available at Ample + Good! This double-walled tiffin keeps your food hot or cold for hours so that you can dive right in when it's lunch time.

It's great for adults or kids – either way, everyone's going to want to know what you've got for lunch! 

Care Instructions

Hand wash with hot soapy water and dry. 


Stainless steel.

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