Bonded Filters - Pre-folded Squares


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100 filters

What makes CHEMEX® Bonded Filters the real deal?

  • Cone-shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour
  • Thicker (20-30% more than the competition) specialty fibre filter design keep bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place (and out of your cup)
  • Pre-folded for convenience
  • Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers
  • Fits all Chemex Coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH

GTIN 028068001104

    Why We Love This

    We simply love pour-over coffee. Chemex's unbleached paper filters don't affect the taste of the brew, cut out grit, and they are so easy to use. They're pre-folded and just pop right into the the top of the Chemex.   

    Directions for Use
    You should always rinse your filter before you brew. This rinses out the paper taste and dust and warms up your brewer.

      Bonded paper. Made in USA.

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