Cloth Wipes (Set of 30) - Pebble Beach

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Set of 30

Looking to swap out disposable wipes, tissues, cotton pads and paper towel with just one product? You've found it!

Whether you have children or not, cloth wipes aren't only for diapering (but they are great for diapering). Besides replacing disposable wipes, they can be used for face washing, makeup removal, meal time napkins, runny noses, wiping down the counter... the list goes on.  

  • Set of 30 cloth wipes in Pebble Beach, which is a palette of soft pastel neutrals (patterns may vary)
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Approximately 8" x 7"
  • Also available in sets of 10
Why we love this

Cloth wipes are a staple in our house. We must have over 70 wipes, at the least. They are so worth it to invest in. These cotton flannel ones are soft, beautifully handcrafted and come in a cute black and white set, too.

Cheeks Ahoy is a woman-owned business in Peterborough. Support local and small businesses! 

Directions for Use

After use, loosen bits and stains with a cold rinse, and machine wash on warm or hot. Tumble dry or hang to dry. Before using them for the first time, wash 2-3 times to fluff up the fibers and reach maximum absorbency. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets with these, as they will decrease absorbency. 


100% cotton flannel. Handmade in Canada.

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