Razor Blade Safe

Rockwell Razors


Throwing razors into the trash can cut up bags and is a safety hazard to waste handlers. This convenient little razor blade bank is a safe way for you to dispose of your safety razor blades when you are done with them. It fits all double-edge razor blades and best of all, is made from metal. Once it's full, safely dispose of the entire Blade Safe.

  • Each blade bank fits over 50 used razor blades
  • Contact your municipality to learn what the best way to recycle used blades and blade banks like this one, as each municipality has different rules and policies
Why we love this

Blades are extremely dangerous in the garbage or in recycling so this is a handy little life saver. In the 20th century, bathroom cabinets came with a slot for shaving blade disposal so that they were safely removed from the home. After the introduction of disposable and electric razors, those blade banks disappeared from homes.

Lastly, it's affordable and made from metal, not plastic, which makes it recyclable and awesome in our book!



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