Stainless Steel Ear Pick

Ample + Good

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This double-ended stainless steel ear pick, also known as a curette or mimikaki, is a zero waste alternative to cotton swabs. One end has a scoop while the other has a looped tip. The wired looped tip is designed for dry ear wax removal.

  • stainless steel in a rose gold finish
  • anti-slip texture on handle
  • can be disinfected by boiling or with alcohol

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns for it and it is a final sale.

Why we love this

Curettes are extremely popular in Asian cultures, and ear cleaning can be considered down right relaxing to those who let their ears get cleaned by someone. Regardless of your method, we like that this is a plastic free, waste-free alternative to pesky Q-tips, which also compress and push your ear wax further into your ear.

Care Instructions

Clean by disinfecting after every use. Use with care on the outer regions of your ear only. Do not insert pick into your ear canal as it can cause damage. Someone experienced should help you with this, so they have direct eyes on your ear.


Stainless steel.

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