Toilet Brush with Stand


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Bet you didn't think you could fall in love with a toilet brush, did you? This is an all natural toilet brush and stand set that looks gorgeous, and will make cleaning that much more enjoyable. 

  • Untreated beechwood and tampico fibre
  • Brush is made from all-natural tampico fiber, which are obtained from the leaf ribs of a type of agave that grows on the high plains of Mexico
  • Stiff, high-grade plant fibres are ideal for scrubbing brushes and thorough cleaning
  • Stand height: 25 cm
  • Brush length: 37 cm 
  • Replacement toilet brushes available

The first handcrafted Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Today, the name Redecker stands for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. A brand that prides themselves in using natural, renewable resources when they select their materials.

Why We Love This

We literally love every item Redecker creates, so this is no exception. No one enjoys cleaning the toilet (we assume) so this beautifully crafted brush makes the task somewhat fun.

All the Redecker products we carry are plastic-free, and crafted only from natural materials. This set is something that's made to last.

Care Instructions

The bristles can be cleaned by rinsing with water. After cleansing, towel blot and dry with the bristles pointing downward. Do not immerse the entire brush or stand in water as that may damage the wood.


Unfinished beechwood, tampico fibre. Made in Germany.

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