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Fabric bowl covers are an easy and beautiful way to cover your food – so you can stop using plastic wrap! Each cover comes with a sewn in elastic that secures around the bowl so it stays put without the need for other elastic band or grips.

Our covers are available in waxed and unwaxed versions. Waxed covers are the best choice for longer term storage, covered with a layer of 100% pure organic beeswax, the layer of wax helps to make your cover more airtight and helps to keep the moisture in your food for longer time. 

  • Reusable, breathable and plastic-free
  • 8.5" diameter
    • GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Each cover is hand printed with natural dyes and hand made in BC, Canada 
    • Waxed covers are covered in a layer of organic filtered beeswax from a local apiary
      Why We Love This

      Your Green Kitchen's bowl covers are beautiful and functional. Ever since we were introduced to them, they are always in use in our fridge or countertop! 

      Your Green Kitchen is woman-owned and Canadian. Each bowl cover is hand made and hand printed in the small town of Nakusp in British Columbia. 


      Large (10") - Perfect for covering your big pie plate, your kitchen aid mixing bowl, a regular size dinner plate 

      Medium (8.5") - Covers a smaller mixing bowl, a smaller salad bowl, a small plate, a rimmed cereal bowl 

      Small (6.5") - Perfect for a regular sized cereal bowl, a small side plate

      Care Instructions

      A waxed fabric bowl cover must be washed with COLD water. It can be washed with a mild dish detergent if necessary. Air dry on your dish rack and reuse.

      End of life: A goodbye you feel good about! It’s biodegradable and compostable, or it can be used as fire starters for campfires, BBQs or wood stoves.


      GOTS certified organic cotton, beeswax, exclusive of trim.

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