Wooden Soap Dish - Oak


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Our Wooden Soap Dish in luxurious Oak is uniquely designed and crafted to keep your soap lasting longer, by keeping it dry after each use. All-natural, highly moisturizing soaps made of skin rejuvenating properties like pure olive oil are best kept on a dish for a preferred consistency.

  • Made from a single piece of oak, handcrafted by a carpenter
  • Approximate size: 4.75" x 3.25" x 1"
  • Fits our best-selling Dish Washing Block or a full 4oz soap bar
Why We Love This

Sitti is a social enterprise founded by two women. They began working with a motivated group of women in Jordan's Jerash "Gaza" Refugee Camp to build the foundation that would educate, employ, and empower the community's women and girls. They bring fair wage employment to refugees.

This soap dish is handmade by a man named Hassan, a deaf carpenter in the Jerash Camp Rehabilitation Center's woodworking shop, where he cuts, sands, and finishes each of the wooden soap dishes. This is a product that you can literally trace to where it was made and who it was made by. It's gorgeous, too!

Care Instructions

To clean, use a moist towel to wipe and air dry. Avoid immersing in water and dry off excess moisture immediately to prevent damage to wood.


Beech wood. Made in Jordan. 

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